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LitJoy Crate YA Theme & Sneak Peeks -February 2017

Time to check out LitJoy Crate! They normally release theme info in the prior month’s box, so this is late in coming (since this is a new blog), but nonetheless I wanted to post it here. BECAUSE IT’S ALMOST SHIPPING TIME! LitJoy Crate ships out by the 20th of each month, I’d say normally between the 15th and 20th. Now let’s get down to the details!


The theme for this month is FIRE & ICE. This is what the box curators had to say about the theme:

In this COOL YA fantasy things are really HEATING up! But truly, we fell hard for our February book! We couldn’t get over the genuine characters and unique storyline. We can honestly say we’ve never read a fantasy quite like this one! Written from female protagonist and male protagonist perspectives: He’s on a dangerous mission and he’s lethal. She’s dealing with death and sorrow while sporting a dry sense of humor and an open heart. Their fiery stories collide and we couldn’t help but root for them! There are also some totally rad world building elements with fire and ice and we just had to pause and 😱😱😱. Our favorite things about this book were: 1. The exceptional writing, seriously top-notch. 2. The slow burn romance. 3. The witty comedic relief.
👉🏾This book reminded us is City of Bones meets Everneath meets Kids of Appetite. We couldn’t put it down! 👈🏾

I think I have a pretty good guess at what this book is based on the description. I might do a separate post on my guesses for all the boxes this month. That’s half the fun for me!

Now onto the sneak peeks on the items. (Stop scrolling if you don’t want to see.)

Item # 1 – “Nerdy Cat Watch” – This looks really cute, I might give it to one of my nieces! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a watch included in a book box before, so this is a neat lifestyle item that I wasn’t expecting. All of the items I’ve seen in a LitJoy box have been really good quality, so it will be great to see this in person.


Item # 2 – An Exclusive “In the Wick of Time” candle! I am excited for this candle… it’s winter and I love soft lighting and light scents. I’ve also heard great things about In the Wick of Time, so it’ll be a good one to try out.


Item # 3 – An item from @literaryapothecaryshop. I am unfamiliar with this shop, so I can’t begin to guess, and there was not a picture to go with this spoiler on LitJoy’s facebook. So it will be a true surprise!

The YA crate for this month is SOLD OUT. So unfortunately, you can’t get it anymore. But stay tuned for the unboxing later this month. You can subscribe now for the next box, so get it quick while it’s available!

Here are some details on LitJoy Crate:

1 – Their boxes are shipped monthly, usually between the 15th & 20th.

2 – Subscription rate is $29.99 per month, plus shipping. Shipping is calculated depending on where you live… for me it is $10+, so higher than average for a book box.

3 – They have discounted rates for longer subscriptions. See site for details.

4 – They currently offer a YA box, Middle Grade Box, and Board Book Box. The YA box is monthly, but I believe there are some changes to the other boxes. Check site for details!

I think this is going to be a fun month from LitJoy Crate YA. I’m always interested to see how they tie their curation together with the book selection. You can tell they put a lot of thought into each box.

Back next week or so with a review. The hardest part is waiting!

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