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Uppercase Book Box Sneak Peek – February 2017

The first thing to know about Uppercase is that they generally do NOT announce themes. And this isn’t really a theme persay, but it is pretty awesome.

Uppercase announced this month that they have paired up with Epic Reads which made me fangirl just a little. I love Epic Reads! If you are not following them on social media, especially youtube, you need to go do that right now. They do amazing lists and book hauls and funny bookish problems. Trust me, you’re gonna love it.

But that also means that this box this month will probably be amazing! I am actually bummed because I missed the renewal somehow (? haven’t figured it out yet). So no box for me. I will be stalking for spoilers with the rest of the people who missed out.

However, here is a pic of the bag they designed for the box this month. So cute and valentines-y. (I would use an exclamation point but I’m really jealous of those who are getting this soon. Ha.)


Things to know about Uppercase:

  1. They ship monthly and have multiple plans. The plan I would suggest is the Expert Plan, which includes the book and bookish goodies at the rate of $23. Shipping is $6.50 in the US (I believe that covers the continental US.) For additional rates, check online.
  2. No theme = it’s a guessing game as to whether or not they will have a duplicate book to another box. You’ve been forewarned. It could happen anyway, even if you know the theme, just one of the risks you run if you have multiple subscriptions.
  3. They typically have fewer items than other boxes, but they are all really good quality.

That’s it for now! On to stalking the February Uppercase hashtags on instagram.

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