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Book Review Backlist – The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry

“And because she jumped, our world began.”

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to read a love story. But I am also a huge fantasy fan. The answer? What better place to start than with a contemporary-romance-fantasy with such a gorgeous cover as The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry?? It’s been sitting on my TBR shelf for over a year, which is shameful. I think I bought it with a ton of books at the same time, which is usually when my TBR gets out of control, but it is so fun to get so many books at once you just can’t help yourself sometimes. I feel much better having dug into my backlist.

This book was so interesting to me. I loved the main character Natalie. She was interesting tltstwand high in likability. Coincidentally we also apparently have the same birthday, April 4, and the same Myers-Briggs personality type, and we both have the same sleeping disorders. Though mine are not as intense as hers. So ya, that was a little creepy and I felt like someone was messing with me for a bit. Plus, who puts that much information about a character into a book? Okay, lots of authors do, but I’ve never had one so closely matched to myself. Trust me, it makes you a little uneasy. All in good fun though.

Natalie is an adopted child, half caucasian and half Native American. She doesn’t know much about her parents. Mostly we learn that her mother didn’t want to have her born and raised on the reservation. Her mom left home to find adoptive parents. There is also some nitty gritty detail about the ICMA, wherein you learn about the regulations in the US about adopting a native child. I was aware to an extent of the act mentioned, but there are not many reservations near where I live, so it wasn’t much of a working knowledge and I found this part interesting.

Anyway, Natalie’s adoptive parents are very loving and have tried to give her great care, especially considering her mental health and sleep disorders. She previously experienced hallucinations at night from many random ‘visitors’. One in particular, the most important one, she calls Grandmother. Grandmother makes a return at the start of this book after three years of having no nightly visitations. Natalie is warned to remember all of the stories that Grandmother has told her, as they will help guide her, and that she now has three months to save ‘him’. We don’t know who ‘he’ is, and Natalie isn’t sure whether or not to believe her at first, but Grandmother has never lied before and was so overcome in giving Natalie the news. It shakes Natalie see Grandmother behaving so differently.

“Growing up is going to hurt. Only you can decide if the pain is worth the love.”

Natalie begins to have visions of the world shifting, small things at first, colors and light, doors and people disappearing from her sight only to reappear moments later. She realizes that she has to figure out who she is supposed to save before it is too late. She recalls Grandmothers tales, all surrounding First Nation myths and creation stories, which offer veiled clues, and makes a plan as best she can. Time is not on her side.

I think if you are into slightly paranormal romance books, this is one for you. The writing is easy to get into, and the plot moved along at a good pace.

The myth stories were some of my favorite moments, and of course the love story was likable too. It is an insta-love type of situation, which she doesn’t fully trust at first, but you can tell through her descriptions that she is smitten early on. If you are more into a slow-burn romance or a friends first, or even frenemies first (haha), this probably won’t be the ‘just right’ fit for you. But if you like an original tale with beautiful writing, I recommend giving it a try! As a bonus, it is set in the summer… in the winter months, that matters to me more than it should.

The author, Emily Henry, has a new book coming out this year called A Million Junes which I am looking forward to checking out as well. Yay for new books and authors!

Love That Split the World
by Emily HenryHardcover

3 thoughts on “Book Review Backlist – The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry”

  1. This book has been on my TBR shelf for close to a year (as well) and your review has reminded me why I bought it in the first place… thanks for sharing your review and love of new books. Happy reading 🙂


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