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Fairyloot Book Box – March 2017 Theme Announcement

This was actually posted a few days ago, but we have the Fairyloot March box theme! The bad news is… the box is already sold out. But the good news is, there MAY be a few boxes available once the March 1 renewals roll around. This would be a single box purchase, not a subscription, due to subscribers who skip or cancel. That doesn’t happen often, so if the theme interests you, you may want to watch their social media channels to make sure you don’t miss your chance.

Here’s their announcement:


The March MYTHS & MONSTERS box is now available in our online store for single purchase and subscriptions! Woo hoo!
πŸ‰ This box is perfect for people that love myths and forgotten magical cities. If you love dragons, unicorns, nephilim, phoenixes, mermaids and tales of Gods and monsters then this box is perfect for you!
πŸ‰ This is our One Year Anniversary box so it has some very special features – the box will be PURPLE! This will only be available for this month and it will also come with an exclusive anniversary booklet!
πŸ‰ The book is the first in a new series and it is VERY highly anticipated from a bestselling author. It will be a special UK edition that is signed by the author and will have sprayed blue pages!
πŸ‰ This box will ship on March 23rd due to the book’s publication date, but shipping is usually very fast so it won’t be long until you receive them!

Things to know about Fairyloot:

  1. Subscriptions run monthly. They do have a limited amount of one-time boxes available and they announce the availability on social media.
  2. Shipping rates vary by country, so check online for their detailed shipping chart.
  3. Boxes are typically shipped between the 15th and 20th of each month and tracking is available to certain countries (UK, Europe and US included. See their chart for additional country information.)
  4. There is a discount code for 3 or 6-month subscriptions, but I have not personally seen one for a single box.

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