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Spearcraft Book Box – March 2017 Theme Announced!

Another theme announcement for today! Spearcraft is currently busy shipping their February Boxes out (can’t wait for this Goblin King themed box), and happily they have shared their March box theme and a few details. It will be a TWO BOOK box! Pretty awesome.

Details from their announcement:

Ahoy Mateys! Arrrg you ready?? The March theme fer SpearCraft Book Box be Pirates ‘n Mermaids!!! ’tis month we be doin’ somethin’ new! March gunna be a double book box!! Yarr ye heard us right each subscriber gunna receive two books. One gunna be a new release YA novel that be highly anticipated ‘n the other comes from a fabulous author that we be so excited to be partnerin’ wit’. This author has also contributed a high quality item never before seen in our box that ye can use everyday!!

If ye be a fan of pirates, mermaids, or Pirates of the Caribbean ye won’t want to miss this box. Subscriptions gunna open NOW be ready! Yarrrrgh!

One time boxes are on sale now at both of our websites!! 🎉🎉🎉


Things to know about Spearcraft:

  1. Their subscriptions are shipped monthly between the 10th and the 20th. If it is later due to the release date, they have announced it.
  2. Subscriptions cost $29.99 per month plus shipping.
  3. They are really new and I get the impression that they are a small team. This is not a positive or negative ‘to know’, just an FYI.

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