Pre-Order Swag: A Court of Wings & Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

Go to this form online and fill out your info to receive a color poster-sized map of the ACOTAR world. Offer valid in the US, Canada, UK, ROI, AU and NZ

Update 3/15/17: I have just updated the link as the publisher has created a new form. The link above is accurate again. You can also visit the official page for the link here. Also note that if you pre-order from Target.com, you will already receive the swag (map) with your purchase so you do not need to submit a receipt if you purchase there.



Details from Bloomsbury:

Preorder Sarah J. Maas’s A COURT OF WINGS AND RUIN to receive an exclusive color poster of the official map! Submit your proof of preorder here by May 1st, 2017 to get this awesome offer while supplies last. Open to USA, Canada, UK, ROI, AU, and NZ.

Got questions? We’ve got answers below! And for more details, check out our terms & conditions.

Sarah J. Maas Preorder Offer FAQ!

1. Does it matter what retailer I preorder from or what version of the book I choose?

Nope! This offer applies to preorders from any and all retailers and both print and ebooks.

2. What counts as “proof of preorder”?

You can upload your confirmation email, a screenshot of your order confirmation, or even a photo of the order confirmation on your phone or computer.

3. How will I know if you received my submission?

When you submit at the site linked above, you’ll see a screen that says “submission was successful.” If you don’t see this screen, try again. Due to the volume of submissions, we can’t confirm receipt of individual submissions.

4. I preordered a book for my friend too. Can we each get a poster?

Yes. Be sure to either upload each proof of preorder separately and with the address that the poster should be sent to.

5. When will I receive my color poster?

We will start sending the prizes out at on-sale. Please allow at least 4 weeks for delivery. If it’s late June and you haven’t received your poster, contact @bloomsburykids on twitter. (Note that if it hasn’t been four weeks, we’ll just ask you to check in again in June. Also note that due to the volume, the mailing process takes several weeks, so people will receive their prizes in waves. Don’t panic if you see a friend with a poster and yours hasn’t come yet!)

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