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LitJoy YA Crate: March 2017 Sneak Peek!

SPOILER ALERT: LitJoy Crate has announced the first item in the YA March Crate. As a refresher, they announced earlier in February that the March theme is GALACTIC PIRATES. They reported that it is a not yet released book (which may be helpful for those who thought it was a February book that has already been in another subscription!) They also previously noted that there would be an exclusive item from @WovenPear and an artwork piece from @Daastark.

So here’s the first item reveal:

It’s time 👏🏽! Our YA SNEAK PEEK!! 😎🤓💫
In a galaxy far far away, LitJoy Crate has secured an impressive 24oz tumbler, ideal for book nerds’ tea and coffee needs. Said tumblers can be found in each of the LitJoy Young Adult crates for the month of March. Upon the surface of each tumbler are the words of warning: “Come to the Dark Side. We have books.” Rumors have been confirmed that this tumbler, along with several other epic items, are sure to make this LitJoy YA Crate the most impressive force of nerdy awesomeness the galaxy has yet seen. The LitJoy squad advises that species throughout space hustle their tushies and secure a crate before they are sucked into the SOLD OUT vortex.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 10.50.25 AM.png
May the force be with you nerds!!!! 😘 #litjoy #litjoycrate #sneakpeek
Music from every Star Wars thing ever.

What do you think? I mean the dark side does have the books… and cookies…

Here are some details on LitJoy Crate:

1 – Their boxes are shipped monthly, usually between the 15th & 20th.

2 – Subscription rate is $29.99 per month, plus shipping. Shipping is calculated depending on where you live… for me it is $10+, so higher than average for a book box.

3 – They have discounted rates for longer subscriptions. See site for details.

4 – They currently offer a YA box, Middle Grade Box, and Board Book Box. The YA box is monthly, but I believe there are some changes to the other boxes. Check site for details!

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