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Writer Crush of the Week: Leigh Bardugo!

It nearly saddens me to say that I had not even heard of Leigh Bardugo until this past November. I had been on a lit fic binge for a few years and finally made my way back to my first love, YA, when someone in one of my reading groups suggested that I read Six of Crows as my next read. Just so you know, that wasn’t even an option in the list of three books I mentioned… it was multiple choice, and you made your own answer.


And you were right. So THANK YOU PERSON! I don’t remember your name, but considered yourself thanked a million times over! I would even share all my Starbucks stars with you, and that’s pretty serious.

I devoured Six of Crows in a day, and had to go out first thing on a Sunday to find Crooked Kingdom, which then led to a no-shower-and-no-chores-and-someone-get-me-takeout sort of day. Crooked Kingdom gave me one of the worst book hangovers ever, and yet the ending was so incredibly satisfying, I couldn’t help but force it on people repeatedly. It was also really the first time I understood the whole ‘ship’ thing. Because Kaz and Inej, and Wylan and Jesper, and Nina and Matthias. But especially Kaz and Inej.

I also sorta thought Kaz was half-Japanese for both books because all the Kaz’s I know are Japanese. And that made him extra-fictionally-handsome, on top of all of his inherit brilliance… and anti-heroism… and heroism… and his stubborn strength… and, of course, his mastery of his walking cane. I heart Kaz.

And then I read the Grisha trilogy. Same world as SoC and CK. Whole new cast of amazing characters. I went through a minor *cough* Darkling obsession in December. I also got some humor out of the Darkling in that, for some reason, the first book had me picturing him like Adam Scott from Parks & Rec. (Like exactly as he is in Parks & Rec, that’s not there to guide you in general. It was literal.)

First things first:

  • You should read Leigh’s books if you like adventure and incredible world building.
  • You should love intrigue, twists, and some romantic complications… because no one’s love comes easy in the Grishaverse.
  • You should love books with maps. Because who doesn’t love books with maps. I love geography in fictional worlds.
  • You love YA in general and haven’t read anything by Leigh Bardugo. Stop waiting.
  • You love books.
  • I think that covers everyone.


Once you read the books, make sure to follow Leigh on Goodreads. And twitter. And everywhere. She re-blogs a lot of fan questions and fan artwork. It helps with the book hangovers.


You should add her new and unreleased work to your Goodreads list. (You can also read the first chapters of Wonder Woman Warbringer here.)

And of course, when your obsession takes over, make sure to also sign up for her newsletter and read a bunch of press:

“Leigh Bardugo Talks Six of Crows, Heist Movies and Skinny Dipping” – Huffington Post

“Interview with Leigh Bardugo about Six of Crows” – Disability in Kidlit

“Q&A with Leigh Bardugo” – Publishers Weekly

And now we can all wait til her next book.

Because I’m super great at waiting.


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