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Book Review Backlist: Twisted Palace (Royals #3) by Erin Watt

If you’ve been following me for a couple of weeks, you will know that I finally got into The Royals series, and though I’ve had other books to read on top of these… my ‘me time’ reading has been largely absorbed by the adventures of Ella and the Royal family. Because this is the third book in the series, it is hard to talk about it without referencing prior book events… so spoilers ahead for Paper Princess and Broken Prince… you’ve been warned 😉

29519517TWISTED PALACE… OMG. I was really excited for this book, but mostly I was excited for Reed and Ella to get the ever-elusive happy ending that I was sure had to finish of this series. The problem I had with this book is because of the ending of the last book.

When we last left Royal mansion, Reed was in handcuffs for the alleged murder of Brooke Davidson. (I still hate Brooke, I don’t care if she’s dead.) And Ella’s long lost father shows up like Tom Hanks in Cast Away (post-rescue, pre-shave). So needless to say, their world was shaken up.

The majority of Twisted Palace deals with the mystery around Brooke’s death. Who is responsible… what was their motive… and who wants to see Reed behind bars. As it turns out, a lot of people want to see Reed behind bars. Including Judge Delacorte, who as you will remember from prior books is the father of Daniel Delacorte the date rapist who tried to take advantage of Ella (among other girls).

So what was good in Twisted Palace? The relationship building between Ella and Reed. They have a lot of issues to work out, a lot of trust and faith in each other that will be repeatedly tested, and a lot of swoony moments and potential declarations of love to be had. The tension between Reed and all of his accusers is also excellent, as all of his past which you’ve already witnessed in the first two books (read as: fist fights, explosive anger, and hard-to-keep or hard-to-get boyfriend) comes back in a seek-and-destroy type way.

What was awkward about Twisted Palace? To me… there was not enough Callum, not enough Easton, not enough of the Royals in general. A previously-thought-dead father figure coming in the mix. Dinah (Brooke’s best friend). And the fact that 95% of the book is set to the backdrop of Reed’s criminal investigation.

To me, it was a mixed bag because I’m not really into crime drama, but the other parts of the book were very enjoyable. And the ending was spectacular, which made the whole book worthwhile.

And no more cliffhangers since it is at the series end! Whew! I really hope that the Easton book listed in Goodreads will happen… I’m already missing the Royals.

Twisted Palace (The Royals, #3)

6 thoughts on “Book Review Backlist: Twisted Palace (Royals #3) by Erin Watt”

  1. I’ve heard so many great things about this series – and I’m not into books about royalty, but I think I’m going to have to suck it up and give it a go… thanks for posting a review. It’s great to hear other people’s thoughts and help expand your reading repertoire. Look forward to your next post.


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