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OwlCrate Book Box: April 2017 Theme Announced!

It is shipping time for the March OwlCrate, which means they also announced the April theme today! So yay for a box that will be on its way, and yay for speculation on the next book. Here is the announcement from OC:

headoverheels.png💖 We’re so excited to announce that the theme of our April box is HEAD OVER HEELS!

💖 This is a box that celebrates all of our favourite fictional couples! If you love Rainbow Rowell, Stephanie Perkins, Sarah J. Maas and Jane Austen, it will be sure to please!

💖 The book included this month is a highly anticipated contemporary novel that is all about first love and finding yourself. It also features a super fun and diverse cast of characters. This book is getting great early reviews and was definitely on a lot of lists of most anticipated reads of 2017! It definitely deserves all the love it’s getting and we know you’ll adore it too!

💖 All of the goodies included this month are OwlCrate exclusives! There are some very fun and exciting items and we can’t wait to share a couple sneak peeks over the coming weeks!

💖 This box will be available around March 22nd! Please note that is you order now you will be getting our March ‘Sailors, Ships & Seas’ box!

Hmmm. I’m not sure what this book is. That’s a lot of authors to cover in a ‘like’ box, but thankfully I do like ALL of those authors. And I’m really enjoying contemporary lit at the moment. What do you think the book could be?

*Note: Since shipping for the March boxes just began today, it will likely be a few days for spoilers except for those that were in the first wave of shipping and happen to live close to Portland, Oregon. That being said, as soon as I get some spoilers, I will share them here! Fingers crossed we have some before the weekend!

Here are some details on OwlCrate:

1 – Their boxes are shipped monthly, usually between the 15th & 20th.

2 – Subscription rate is $29.99 per month, plus shipping ($6.99 to the US, $10.59 to Canada, $19.99 worldwide).

3 – They just started working with PayPal! I know that’s good news for a lot of people, though I personally don’t really use PayPal. Worth mentioning though.

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