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Book Note: The Epilogue (The One #3.1) by Kiera Cass and why you won’t see a review about The Heir and The Crown here…

Just look at those beautiful covers. You’ll see a lot of posts about the dresses for The Selection series, and with good reason… the dresses on these covers are stunning. And the dresses described within are just as lush and drool-worthy if you love fashion and the idea of people making clothing to your exact size on a regular basis. It’s a luxury that is fun to read about.

Anyway. The Epilogue (The One 3.1) is only a few pages long. But it gave me exactly the right feel-good ending that I wanted. Don’t get me wrong… the end of The One was great too, but it was quite abrupt compared to the rest of the series, and though it was feel good, there was something missing. Seeing a moment of the happily ever after was the perfect was to end the series.

Then I read the first 100 pages of The Heir. And I knew if I continued, I would never forgive myself for ruining the perfect ending of The Epilogue / The One. I’m very happy that there are children, really I am. But Eadlyn is a spoiled, entitled self-righteous nightmare that must take after the grandfather that got offed in the last book, and if she doesn’t turn it around and learn something from what her parents went through… I just… I can’t. So I DNF’d it, and will choose to forget it exists. I cannot understand why a daughter of these two people would be this way… it makes zero sense. This is where the series jumped the shark.

So truly, I hope those who loved the last two books will forgive me. I’m done. My story on this ends with the perfect few pages of the Epilogue. Thee End.

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