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Illumicrate: Early Details on a Grishaverse Special Edition Box

Illumicrate has announced that they will be creating a one-time special edition box centered around the Grishaverse. Great news for fans of Leigh Bardugo! Read on below for details on their announcement.


So it’s no secret how much of a @lbardugo fan I am. If you’ve been watching my stories you’ll know that the cover reveal for The Language of Thorns has prompted me to curate Illumicrate’s first one off, Grishaverse box! πŸ’› This is still in early stages of planning, but what I can say is: πŸ’› There will be a limited number available, and current subscribers will get first dibs on purchasing the box πŸ’› I’ve already got one very well known artist on board, which I’m absolutely thrilled about. πŸ’› It will likely be shipping in September. πŸ’› I do have some things I would love to get your opinion on: πŸ’›Should it include The Language of Thorns? No book means more stuff, so it’s a trade off! πŸ’› What suppliers would you like to see included? πŸ’› I’m super excited for this and I hope you guys are too! πŸ’› In the meantime, there are still some spots left for the May box!You can use our rep @cosyreads exclusive discount code on her profile!


So stay tuned for more details or subscribe to the illumicrate newsletter. What do you think about a Grishaverse box? I’m a little obsessed with Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom and the trilogy, as you probably know… I can’t wait to hear more about the box!

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