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OwlCrate Book Box: May 2017 Theme Announced

OwlCrate is preparing to ship their April boxes which means it is also time for the new theme. The May box is NOT on sale yet, so check their announcement for details on when to subscribe. You can still subscribe and receive the April box if you are interested though.

On to the May announcement:

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 3.46.59 PM.png

We are so excited to announce that our theme for May is COMIC EXPLOSION! This box is NOT available yet. It will become available around April 22nd.
💥 The May box is perfect for fans of comics, superheroes&villains, and art. Our book pick for the month is not a comic/graphic novel, but it’s an awesome story! The book features artwork throughout it, and it’s all about creativity, life on the internet, fame and mental health. It’s both fun and heartbreaking, and a very relevant story to our times. We loved it and we know you will too!
💥 The book will also come with a signed bookplate and letter from the author. Yay!
💥 We have a huge announcement about this box coming up, as well as some very exciting sneak peeks, but we’re going to keep it secret until the box becomes available to purchase. Stay tuned!!
💥 We hope you’re as excited as we are! We’ve never done a box centered around the comic universe and we had so much fun putting it together.
💥 Who is your favourite comic book character? Let us know!

What do you think of the May theme? I am a Marvel kinda girl, so I’m excited to see what book they have selected, and especially what goodies may come with it. Sounds like a Con in a box, and that is good by me.

Have you tried OwlCrate yet?

Here are some details on OwlCrate:

1 – Their boxes are shipped monthly, usually between the 15th & 20th.

2 – Subscription rate is $29.99 per month, plus shipping ($6.99 to the US, $10.59 to Canada, $19.99 worldwide).

3 – They accept PayPal! I know that’s good news for a lot of people.

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