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Weekend Road Trip: Villain Lairs!

Oh this is a fun one. Instead of sticking with literary options for this theme, I went into movies which is my second favorite love as far as entertainment. And truly, a car would not do for this “road trip” because villains don’t often live off of Main Street. They are underwater, in the sky, on private islands, and burrowed into the earth for privacy while concocting their evil schemes. If you missed any of my other villain posts, be sure to click here for the current list.

Here is a journey through some of the best villain lairs:

ursulasgrotto.jpgUrsula’s Grotto

Ursula from Disney’s The Little Mermaid is a great balance of drama, boredom and power hungry monster. So likewise, her lair has a lot of flair, oozing with magic and doom, and yet isn’t so grand as she would like… because she would like a palace, but her lair will do for now until she gets what she ‘deserves’.

MaleficentcastleForbidden Mountain

Forbidden Mountain is home of the one and only Maleficent. Sleeping Beauty is one of my all time favorites, and mostly because Maleficent is an amazing villain / dragon. Not one for those who are prone to tripping and clumsiness, as you may find yourself falling to your death…

malfoymanorMalfoy Manor

Even when the family is not at home, I would imagine this place is still quite fearsome. Equipped with its own dungeon and plenty of magical wards and traps, Malfoy Manor is nearly inescapable for everyone by normal or magical means… except rogue house elves!

jollyrogerThe Jolly Roger

I think I like Once Upon a Time’s Captain Hook the best… so let’s imagine him for a moment. He’s not always seen as a typical villain, but he is the antagonist (most of the time.) And the Jolly Roger is a perfect lair, to me, because it is easily movable. It can stay on the ocean (who doesn’t want to be on the ocean?) and it has been known to fly at times.

baraddurBarad Dur

I’ll admit, this place was pretty scary in the books. And seeing it on screen was fairly good as well, but didn’t seem quite as frightening. I don’t know. It lost a little something. Nevertheless, Barad Dur in Mordor, home to Sauron (or Sauron’s spirit and eye for a long time) — complete with a volcano… it’s a pretty awesome lair.

deathstarDeath Star

Lastly, the lair that needs no introduction. Even those who aren’t Star Wars fanatics have probably seen the Death Star at least once… if not in commercials, then on tees, mugs, Lego boxes, and many other places. Full of terrible power, wielded by the Empire as a weapon of mass destruction (on a planetary level), the Death Star travels as a ship through space making it hard for any enemy to outrun its range.


And that’s our “road” trip for this week! From the depths of the sea to a galaxy, far, far away, we’ve covered a lot of miles. What lair would you add to this list?

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