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Make Your Own Book Box! (Villains B.O.M. Edition – July 2017)

Hey all!

In celebrating my love of book boxes and the my book of the month, I threw together this list of items to raise a glass to some of my favorite villains!

Book boxes typically have a range in price from $29-$49 per month (which I promptly ignored as a guideline), and around 3-6 bookish items along with a new release. I had a lot of fun picking out a few things to match a book.

So here is a “curated” Villain Box from me to you. I hope this inspires you to do some searches of your own on etsy, Society 6, or wherever you like to find your bookish goodies! All images are subject to rights of the original artist, and each item is linked by to the original post for ease of reference (or shopping). Enjoy šŸ™‚

  1. The Book. Of course, it’s our book of the month. Because You Love to Hate Me! becauseFeel free to choose your own book with a villain that you have been wanting to read about. I highly recommend the Grisha Series by Leigh Bardugo.

  2. The Bookmark. Every box needs a bookmark. For this one I chose a Darkling inspired bookmark from NerdyGrl Designs. I love her bookmarks! They are so vibrant and well-made. (View bookmark here.)il_570xN.1182030735_j6su

  3. A jewelry piece. I never thought I would like bookish jewelry, but book boxes have taught me how very wrong I was about that. This piece by lovedoesdesigns is perfect for fans of Ursula. You know who you are. (View necklace here.)il_570xN.1043869924_tqiw.jpg

  4. A Funko Pop figure. Because it really helps amp up your bookshelf decor and collectibles game. For this month, none other than Loki. He’s made to be much more lovable by Tom Hiddleston (#swoon), but at his heart he is a conflicted villain and a bit of a prankster. What’s not to love? (View Loki here.)Ā 41gW1qRfnVL

  5. A journal. This is not always my favorite bookish item, and yet I always find a use for them. And this one by milestogoclothing is absolutely gorgeous! I was always fascinated with Medusa as a child, so this striking cover immediately grabbed me. (View journal here.)il_570xN.734991075_c1hj

  6. A candle. Book boxes love to supply candles, and usually in their travel size tins instead of a full size candle. I tend to agree that the travel size is better unless you find one you truly love. Novelly Yours is one of the many bookish candle makers out there, and I really enjoy their scent work. (View candle here.)il_570xN.1103100343_oieh

  7. An artwork print. Maleficent is one of my all time favorite villains, so I had to include her in here. She has a voice like velvet, a love of curses, a smile that promises suffering, and an evil laugh that will make your skin crawl. Who better to feature in a print? (View Maleficent print here.)il_570xN.688151444_nuv9

  8. Something useful. I love when book boxes include something unexpectedly useful. This month I thought of a phone case because I sorta maybe need a new one because of an unfortunate incident with mine near a fireplace. Side note: Yes, the phone is fine. The case is just a bit melty in one corner… (View phone case here.)sorry-i-only-date-villains-inverted-phone-skins.jpg

  9. Something unexpected and not quite so useful. There is sometimes an item that just doesn’t work in a practical way. Unless maybe on Halloween. Or at a theme party. This is that item. A gorgeous crown to share your love of being a little bad. (View crown here.)Ā il_570xN.953243930_m59y

How awesome would this be as an actual box? šŸ˜€ Okay, I’m biased. I know that. And it is my first go at virtually curating a box, so I can’t wait to try to do this again next month.

Any favorite pieces here? What do you like in a box?

2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Book Box! (Villains B.O.M. Edition – July 2017)”

  1. I love this! What a great idea to do a virtually curated box and let your followers click the links to purchase. Maleficent is my all time favorite villain too! This weekend I found mystery Disney villain posters at Hit Topic on clearance for 4.99 for 2. And, I lucked out and got Maleficent – yay!

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