I’m so excited you are here! My favorite things in the world all seem to be connected to literature, so I’ve created a place to celebrate that. Mostly because book people, aka the literati, are the best community in the world.

I have recently updated my blog after a year of blogging to go back to exactly what I came here to do…reviewing YA books.

No more boxes, no more lists, no more book tags.

I love them all, but they are too distracting. And more of reading the books that I want to read, not just the books that I got an ARC of. So if you want to know my opinion on books, this is where to find them all.

Note: My most popular theme was definitely the #SwagSundays and I’m sorry to say I will not be continuing them. I highly encourage you to look for author celebrated opportunities and meet & greets to get yourself really involved in the book community! Swag is fun, but the books are even more fun. Plus, if you still want swag, there are plenty of sites that list them.

Xoxo. Read Hard, Play Hard.


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